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Fall Color Report
Fall Colors :: mid Sep - mid/late Oct
Peak Colors :: late Sep- early Oct

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maple leaves in full fall color

Color is in the details this week: a few leaves are turning on this sapling at the Silver Cliff Tunnel scenic overlook on Hwy 61 northeast of Two Harbors.

red maple
Maples are starting to show color along inland forest roads

Came across this fox skull on a tramp through the woods.

The cool wet summer means abundant mushrooms, some subtle, some not-so-much.

17 September 2014
Mushrooms and flowers is what it is all about this week. This is a time of gazing at details, remarkable splotched understory leaves, bright mushrooms caps, purple asters and golden black-eyed susans set against the startling blue of Lake Superior. The moose maples and sugar maples are starting to turn on an occasional tree. I expect a big color change this coming week.

Nina's Suggested Tour
>> to see the start of the hardwoods turning color, head inland 3-8 miles; you can do this via backcountry roads and by hiking at George Crasobt Manitou Park and Grand Portage State Park

What to expect along the shore
parks are listed from SW [near Duluth] to NE [near Canada]

Gooseberry Falls State Park reports
colors :: 0-10%
Looking for fall colors? Hike inland to catch a glimpse of birches and maples starting to turn shades of yellow and red. Golden rod is adding a splash of yellow among the still green forest and continue to search the forest floor for explosions of red and orange as mushrooms continue to bloom.

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park
colors :: 10-25%
Some leaves are just starting to turn colors and trees are mostly green. Blooming wildflowers can be seen in many areas. Wildflowers, Berries, and lots of green leaves. There are a few early-turning red maples around the park.

Tettegouche State Park reports
colors :: 10-25%
A drive around Tettegouche State Park will treat you to a few scattered Red Maples in full blaze. Individual branches on some sugar maples are also starting to blush. These early colors are usually due to some stress in that individual tree or branch, so the majority of the leaves are still green and photosynthesizing.

George Crosby Manitou State Park reports
colors :: 10-25%
Although still mostly green, some maple branches have leaves that are starting to blush red. Many of our aster species do all of their blooming in late summer through early fall. Amongst the slowly turning leaves you will find a great show of clusters of purple and white aster flowers of several species.

Temperance River State Park
colors :: 10-25%
The maples, and other leaves, are definitely making their way to color, with the peak being, perhaps, a week away. The six mile, roundtrip, hike to Carlton Peak will reward you with broad vistas of the surrounding forest, including the fiery maples which are just getting serious about turning color.

Cascade River State Park reports
colors :: 0-10%
Moose maples are beginning to change and other maples will not be far behind. Wildflowers are just past their peak and are winding down. Asters, goldenrod, Joe-pye weed, and black-eyed Susans are all winding down. The bees are busy feeding on the fading blossoms.

Judge CR Magney State Park reports
colors :: 10-25%
Autumn's progression is underway. The mountain maples are starting their muted oranges, but the yellows and golds of the birch and aspen are slow to follow. Rains have produced an abundant crop of mushrooms. Beautiful purple-blues of the Large-leaved Asters are dotting the understory.

Grand Portage State Park reports
colors :: 10-25%
So far, color change within the park and the surrounding area is minimal. Most of the changing leaves are along the forest floor, where you can see some yellows and mixtures of red/orange leaves. Inland away from Lake Superior, the Maples are starting to turn. Mountain Maple or Moose Maple is the furthest along, with some of them already vibrant red. The larger sugar maple trees are just starting to turn. Birch and Aspen are still pretty green.
We have a lot of Black-Eyed Susans as well as a few other wildflowers in bloom right now, especially right around the visitor center area. Several Indian Pipe plants are blooming along the first few corners of the High Falls Trail.


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