NFL- Snow Report

North Shore Snow Conditions and Trail Report

From Thanksgiving until Easter [or later] you can find weekly snow conditions and trail reports. Find out about recent snow fall, trail conditions and suggestions for where to ski, snowshoe, snowmobile plus links to the weather and forecasts. Snow varies from less near Lake Superior, where the big lake keeps temps slightly milder to more as climb the ridge line to most when you go over the ridge.

How Long is Winter?

Snowfall begins in November, coming and going and usually beginning to stick late in the month. Lutsen Mountains typically is open Thanksgiving weekend with a few runs and cross country skiers get their first runs in on the Onion River Road in Lutsen and along the Central Trail system up the Gunflint.

Trail / Snow Reports are listed below in this order;
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ski at lutsenLutsen Mountains open daily, fresh snow at left

Cross-Country Skiing open

Snowmobiling open

Fat Bike Trails open at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Flathorn Gegoka, Norpine and Pincushion

Lots of fresh snow on wednesday and it’s still coming down!
Last Updated: 02-20-2019
Ski & Snowboard-Lutsen Mountains
Ski & Snowboard-Lutsen Mountains: Open Last Updated: February 20

Snow Depth: 48-80" base, machine groomed

Conditions: 4 mountains, 6 lifts, 62 primary runs, and 33 backcountry runs [18-30" base of packed powder]

88" of snow so far this season

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Fat Bike Trails-Split Rock Lighthouse State Park
Fat Bike Trails-Split Rock Lighthouse State Park : Open Last Updated: February 19

Snow Depth: 38"

Conditions: Come enjoy the winter wonderland of the North Shore! The trails on the lake side of Hwy. 61 have been groomed. Conditions are excellent for snowshoeing and hiking throughout the entire park. Skiing and fat tire biking conditions are OK on the trails lakeside of Hwy. 61. Snowshoes may be rented for $6.00 at the Park Office.

Groomed fat bike trails: part of the trail travels along the shoreline of Lake Superior and offers many lake vistas. The terrain is hilly, with a birch and aspen forest.
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Ski & Snowmobile Trails-Gooseberry Falls State Park
Ski & Snowmobile Trails-Gooseberry Falls State Park: Open Last Updated: February 17

Snow Depth: 10-14" Base

Conditions: XC Ski trails - Excellent; Snowmobile trail - Very Good

The ski trails on the Lake Superior side of Hwy 61 are groomed and in excellent condition.This past week the area received an additional foot of fresh snow. Gale winds on the night of 2/14 caused significant snow drifts to form in several sections of trail. We are doing our best to get these sections open, however given the size of the some of the snow drifts we may not be able to groom certain sections. The groomer was out 2/17 additional trails on the east side for the Gooseberry River were tracked and are in very good condition. The trails on the Lake Superior side were reconditioned and new tracks were set. The segments of this trail along Lake Superior have some spectacular views of blue pack ice. As a friendly reminder there are no fat bike trails at Gooseberry. Both Split Rock Lighthouse State Park and the Demonstration Forest near Two Harbors offer excellent fat bike trails.
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Ski & Snowmobile Trails-Tettegouche State Park
Ski & Snowmobile Trails-Tettegouche State Park: Open Last Updated: February 15

Snow Depth: 20-24"

Conditions: XC Ski trails - Excellent; Snowmobile Trails - Very Good

Holy cow, do we have snow.The north end of the Park has almost four feet of snow and our skiing conditions are really quite good. The Palisade Valley and Mount Baldy trails have NOT been re-groomed after the heavy winds late this week, but everything else is tracked. The snowshoeing conditions, inland, are superb, right now. We have no "snowshoe trails" but snowshoes can be used on any of our trails and even off of the trails. Make your own tracks!Snowmobile trails in the area are reportedly in very good condition.

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Ski & Fat Bike Trails-Flathorn Gegoka System
Ski & Fat Bike Trails-Flathorn Gegoka System: Open Last Updated: February 20

Snow Depth: base is 15+" with 30+" in the woods

Conditions: XC Ski trails - Excellent

One inch additional snowfall by 6:00 pm with more expected overnight. Over 3 feet so far since the 1st of the year. 10 day forecast temps below freezing bodes well for at least two more weekends of great ski conditions.
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Ski Trails-Sugarbush Trails
Ski Trails-Sugarbush Trails: Open Last Updated: February 21

Snow Depth: packed powder

Conditions: XC Ski trails - Excellent

We received 4-6" of new snow yesterday. Onion River Road to the end and West Oberg Loop were groomed early this morning. Grooming is continuing on the Britton Peak trails today.

We are planning to have all priority trails groomed by early tomorrow morning. More snow is in the forecast for this weekend, so our grooming schedule is in flux. We will keep you posted.

Enjoy the new snow and we hope to see you on the trails!
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Ski & Bike Trails-Norpine
Ski & Bike Trails-Norpine : Open Last Updated: February 16

Snow Depth: 18-30" base

Conditions: Excellent conditions with tons of snow. Lots of deer activity on the trails near Lake Superior.

Tracked and in excellent conditions.

Open, rolled and in good condition! Base is 8-16"
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Ski & Snowmobile Trails-Cascade River State Park
Ski & Snowmobile Trails-Cascade River State Park: Open Last Updated: February 14

Snow Depth: 8-18" base

Conditions: XC Ski trails - Excellent; Snowmobile Trails - Excellent

Received 6" of snow Feb 7. Trails packed and rolled on Feb 13th. Tracksetter will groom all trails on Friday February 15th. Three mile Lakeshore Loop is relatively flat and offers views of ice intermittently covering Lake Superior. The blue ice coated rocky shoreline offers unique experiences not available when snow is limited. The entire Moose Mountain Trail system has been fully groomed and tracked. Snowshoeing and winter hiking opportunities continue to improve. Hike along the Cascade River and marvel at the frozen waterfalls. Snowshoe off-trail for the best wilderness-like experience. Lookout Mountain, which rises 600' above Lake Superior, offers long-distance views into the park and Superior National Forest in the distance. Lots of snow and more to come!
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Ski & Bike Trails-Pincushion near Grand Marais
Ski & Bike Trails-Pincushion near Grand Marais: Open Last Updated: February 18

Snow Depth: 24+" base

Conditions: Most of the trails in the Pincushion trails system were extensively groomed in preparation for the Pincushion Mountain Family Ski Festival on Sunday. Race-ready skate decks and classic tracks were prepared on all trails except the interior loops (Morris Maze and Hilfiker), and the trails set up well for the events on Sunday. Notwithstanding the record crowds of skiers at the Festival on Sunday, the trails are still in great shape, and with cold temps in the forecast, our plan is to hold off on grooming until later in the week. We’ll keep you posted.
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Ski Trail-George Washington Pines
Ski Trail-George Washington Pines: Open Last Updated: February 14

Snow Depth: 20" Packed Base

Conditions: The crew is out right now grooming so it should be good for the weekend. I believe we have over 36 inches of snow in the woods and a 20 inch packed base.

For those who are snowshoeing, please do not walk on the groomed cross-country ski tracks.
Ski Trails-Banadad Trails
Ski Trails-Banadad Trails: Open Last Updated: February 17

Snow Depth: 30" compacted snow

Conditions: All trails have been groomed
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Ski Trails-Central Gunflint Trail System
Ski Trails-Central Gunflint Trail System: Open Last Updated: February 16

Snow Depth: 12-14" trail base

Conditions: New Snow Last 7 days: 6.25”
Snow in Woods, Staked: Average 25-27”
Groomed with classic track: 70 km
Groomed with skate lane: 58 km
Surface Conditions: Fresh groomed snow
Last grooming day: 2-16-19
Total season snowfall: 83.78”

The excellent skiing continues as we roll into February! The groomers were out today freshening up the trails from the blustery days prior and will be back out on the trails again tomorrow! Conditions are still excellent for both skate and classic skiing! Winter on the Gunflint is so pretty; come on up and enjoy the trails!
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Ski Trails-Upper Gunflint Trail System
Ski Trails-Upper Gunflint Trail System: Open Last Updated: February 16

Snow Depth: 11-15" base

Conditions: The week, we exceeded the 6 foot mark for our snow this season, for a total of 73.5 inches. Base depths on the trails range from 11 - 15 inches. The snow off trail ranges from 26 - 30 inches.

An Upper Gunflint Ski Trail Pass is required for use of our trails. Please purchase at Gunflint Lodge, Gunflint Pines Resort, or Heston's Lodge.
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Snowmobile Trails-CJ Ramstad / North Shore State Trail
Snowmobile Trails-CJ Ramstad / North Shore State Trail : Open Last Updated: February 14

Snow Depth: 6-10" base

Conditions: Current snow depths: about 18” of snow in Duluth, 32" near Two Harbors, 42" midway up the shore to Gunflint Trail

The trail has been groomed from Duluth to Grand Marais this week. The entire trail is slated to be groomed again on Friday & Saturday night. Trail conditions will vary due to use and weather conditions. Please use caution while riding and remember it only takes a few sleds to go over a freshly groomed section of trail to make it look like we haven't been out grooming.
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Snowmobile Trails-Two Harbors Voyageur
Snowmobile Trails-Two Harbors Voyageur : Open Last Updated: February 10

Snow Depth: 12-18"

Conditions: The trails are in very nice shape and have been busy today.
Snowmobile Trails-Lutsen / Tofte
Snowmobile Trails-Lutsen / Tofte: Open Last Updated: February 7

Snow Depth: 24" base

Conditions: Our on the ground trail guru, Larry, reports as follows: All Trails have been groomed again this week. The snow is working very nice. More new snow is falling, 5 inches over night with another 3 to 5 predicted. This will make for some awesome riding! Rode yesterday just to see for myself, and the trails were fantastic. 30 miles on fresh groomed trials with 3" of new snow. The shelter at White Sky Rock on the Caribou Trail has been shoveled out and stocked with firewood. Don't forget to sign the book if you stop there. There is a great View of Caribou Lake.

February 23rd - Vintage Snowmobile Ride - click below for details
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Snowmobile Trails-Gunflint
Snowmobile Trails-Gunflint : Open Last Updated: February 7

Snow Depth: 15-17" base

Conditions: Swamper trail was groomed today and the lower part of X down Lullaby will get done late tonight. The upper part of X will get done tomorrow along with part of G and Hungry Jack Trail. Blueberry is always done on Thursday. Trails are in good to excellent shape.You can contact Forrest Parsons, president of the Ridge Riders snowmobile club at 218-388-2265, or email our snowmobile club for the most up to date trail information, [email protected]
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Snowmobile Trails-Grand Portage: Open Last Updated: February 14

Snow Depth: 17-19" base

Conditions: All Trails in good to very good condition, and today the groomers were out in full force, keeping them that way! Do note, the West End of Reservation River Trail is closed for logging. The east end is groomed and remains open. Enjoy the fresh snow.