North Shore Snow Conditions and Trail Report

From Thanksgiving until Easter [or later] you can find weekly snow conditions and trail reports. Find out about recent snow fall, trail conditions and suggestions for where to ski, snowshoe, snowmobile plus links to the weather and forecasts. Snow varies from less near Lake Superior, where the big lake keeps temps slightly milder to more as climb the ridge line to most when you go over the ridge.

Snowfall begins in November, coming and going and usually beginning to stick late in the month. Lutsen Mountains typically is open Thanksgiving weekend with a few runs and cross country skiers get their first runs in on the Onion River Road in Lutsen and along the Central Trail system up the Gunflint.

Trail / Snow Reports are listed below in this order

  • downhill skiing/snowboarding at Lutsen Mountains
  • cross -country ski trails [southwest to northeast]
  • Fat Bike Trails can be found at Split Rock State Park and Pincushion Mountain near Grand Marais
  • snowmobile trails [southwest to northeast]

central gunflint cross country skiLutsen Mountains all mountains are open …  Updated conditions here

Cross-Country Skiing Ski the entire shore, good to excellent conditions [Poplar Creek Trail, part of the Central Gunflint Syatem, is picture at left]

Snowmobiling Ride the entire shore with good to great conditions

Fat Bike Trails open at Split Rock, Norpine and Pincushion

18-34″ of snow in the last week!! Can you say winter wonderland?
Last Updated: 03-14-2018
Lutsen Mountains
Lutsen Mountains: Open Last Updated: March 14

Snow Depth: 30-60" packed powder base

Conditions: 81" of snow for the season, 0" in the past week
Ullr, Eagle, Moose & Mystery Mountains are open
62 [all] primary runs open with a 30-60" base
31 of 33 side country runs open with a 8-18" base of packed powder

Gooseberry Falls State Park
Gooseberry Falls State Park: Open Last Updated: March 14

Snow Depth: 6" base; Poor conditions

Conditions: We are no longer grooming ski trails. The trails still have a thick base overall. There is a good amount of small debris on the trails. The conditions are firm and icy in the morning and become granular by mid-afternoon.
Split Rock Lighthouse State Park [FAT BIKE TRAILS]
Split Rock Lighthouse State Park [FAT BIKE TRAILS]: Open Last Updated: March 8

Snow Depth: Lots of fresh snow

Conditions: The eight mile groomed trail is hard packed and slippery considering the freeze/thaw cycle we've had over the past week. Snowshoes with teeth or Yaktrax over boots work best for hiking along the shore. The scenery is fantastic. Fat bike riders should use caution on the hills.
Tettegouche State Park
Tettegouche State Park: Open Last Updated: March 9

Snow Depth: 12" base; Very good conditions

Conditions: The Tettegouche area received quite a bit of fresh snow the last week of February. The sun came out and warmed up the area and the trails accumulated more ice. The groomed areas are doing well, non-groomed hiking trails can be quite slippery.The main ski loop, connecting trail to Tettegouche Camp, and the Tettegouche Camp access trail were freshly tracked on 3/9 and are in very good condition. The Mt. Baldy loop and Palisade Valley Trail were tracked last week and are icy in spots but generally fair-very good condition.
Flathorn Gegoka Trail System
Flathorn Gegoka Trail System: Open Last Updated: March 6

Snow Depth: 12-20" base; Good conditions

Conditions: As we approach the spring equinox a stronger sun is taking its toll on the trails. Expect icy and sticky tracks. There is still a significant base and we will continue to groom as fresh snow allows.

Snow on the ground :: 30"
Sugarbush Trails
Sugarbush Trails: Open Last Updated: March 14

Snow Depth: 6-12" base; Good conditions

Conditions: Spring skiing conditions.

New snow in the past 7 days :: 0"
Total snowfall for the season :: 69"
Norpine Cross Country Ski Trails
Norpine Cross Country Ski Trails: Open Last Updated: February 26

Snow Depth: 4-14" packed base; excellent conditions

Conditions: West end trails groomed and tracked with Piston Bully 2/26
East end trails are in excellent condition, groomed and tracked with Piston Bully 2/23
Absolutely beautiful

Fat bike trails :: Open; groomed 2/16
2-4" Packed base
Caution :: Ice Flows on Trails.
Cascade River State Park
Cascade River State Park: Open Last Updated: March 10

Snow Depth: 10-14" base; Very good conditions

Conditions: The conditions have stabilized lately with temps below freezing but no new snow for the last 10 days. All trails east of the Cascade River (except the lakeshore trail) were renovated, packed and tracked on Friday March 9th. Temperatures have moderated, but continue to remain mostly below freezing to help maintain great trail conditions. Trail conditions improve as you ski up and away from the trailhead. The Lakeshore trail has melted down providing a great hike along the shore. The ice sculptures along the lakeshore and the river are quite colorful and interesting, take a look while you're here. The Trail Center building, adjacent to the trailhead provides picnic tables, a soft drink machine and a wood stove.
Pincushion Trails near Grand Marais
Pincushion Trails near Grand Marais: Open Last Updated: March 8

Snow Depth: 22" base; Good conditions

Conditions: All trails in the system were groomed last night. Due to variable snow conditions, the results are somewhat variable. Skate deck is generally flat and firm, and classic tracks are variable. Overall, conditions are rated as good.
Banadad Trails
Banadad Trails: Open Last Updated: March 10

Snow Depth: 15" base; Excellent conditions

Conditions: Tracked Trail :: 41 km
Snow on the ground :: 24"
New snow this week :: 0"

Entire 41 kilometers of Banadad Trails tracked.​
Some icy spots in the morning but otherwise great ski conditions.
Central Gunflint Trail System
Central Gunflint Trail System: Open Last Updated: March 10

Snow Depth: 10-14" base; Excellent conditions

Conditions: All trails are now being groomed with the tiller. We are into spring conditions so ski trail conditions can change frequently. We’ve been grooming daily to keep up with the shifting temperatures and surface conditions. Expect fast skiing and abrasive snow – double up on the kick wax. This is March skiing at its finest!

New Snow Last 24 hours :: 0”
New Snow Last 7 days :: 0.25”
Groomed with classic track :: 70 km
Groomed with skate lane :: 64 km
Last grooming day :: 3-10-18
Total snowfall since snow stayed :: 70.0”

For the most up to date grooming information, as well specific trail conditions, please contact Golden Eagle Lodge (1-800-346-2203) or Bearskin Lodge (1-800-338-4170). Central Gunflint Ski Pass required.
Upper Gunflint Trail System
Upper Gunflint Trail System: Open Last Updated: March 11

Snow Depth: 8-14" base; Very good conditions

Conditions: The Upper Gunflint Nordic Ski Trails are groomed and ready! John, the naturalist at Gunflint Lodge has reported the following: We have amazing ski trial conditions right now on the Upper Gunflint Trail System. Even with the recent warm spell, we still have a ski trial snow base of 8-14 inches, as well as 22 - 27 inches off trail. With the great snowfall of the last few weeks, we have had a total of 60.7 inches of snow for the year. In March, we sometimes see some days with temperatures around the freezing mark. When that happens, it is best to ski either early or late in the day.

Passes can be purchased at Gunflint Lodge (218-388-2294), Gunflint Pines Resort (218-388-4454), and Hestons Lodge (218-388-2243). All of these resorts are located on the South Gunflint Lake road. Daily, weekend, week, and seasonal passes are available.
CJ Ramstad - North Shore State Trail
CJ Ramstad - North Shore State Trail : Open Last Updated: February 24

Snow Depth: 24" base; Excellent conditions

Conditions: Groomed and ready to ride! Some parts of the trail are reporting over knee deep snow in the woods, and the trail between Lutsen and Grand Marais is in excellent condition!
Two Harbors Snowmobile Trail System
Two Harbors Snowmobile Trail System: Open Last Updated: March 13

Snow Depth: Good conditions

Conditions: Reports indicate trails are in good shape and snow covered. Thanks to a solid base, things are staying pretty flat. Take care on the corners.
Overnight temperatures have remained below freezing which has helped preserve our base, but have also reduced lubrication so keep your speeds down to remain safe.
We need some sticky snow for lubrication (The groomer needs more.) and to make the trails perfect again.
Lutsen / Tofte Snowmobile Trail Systems: Open Last Updated: March 8

Snow Depth: 16-24" Base; Good conditions

Conditions: The Lutsen trail system was just groomed on 3-7. Have heard reports that slush is starting to show up on the lakes, so use caution when riding on lakes. Trails are in excellent condition. Boon docking is now possible with chest deep snow in some spots. Know where you are at before you go off trail, as we cross private property in many spots.
Gunflint Snowmobile Trail System
Gunflint Snowmobile Trail System: Open Last Updated: March 9

Snow Depth: 26" base; Good conditions

Conditions: Trails are still in pretty decent shape. There are some bare spots in a few areas, but overall still very rideable and the groomers are still out grooming. Come on up for those last few rides of the season!
Grand Portage Snowmobile Trail System: Open Last Updated: March 9

Snow Depth: 17-24" base; Good conditions

Conditions: The 80 plus miles of the Grand Portage Snowmobile Trails are reported to be in good condition. Do watch for some icy spots and traffic. Grooming continues.