hunter moon rising over inland lake

Fall Color Report for the North Shore

The maple trees on the tops of the ridges and the hillsides sloping north and south turn color first. You will these colors from around Beaver Bay northeast to the US-Canada border and inland a few miles from Highway 61. As temps cool closer to the big lake, the second color season takes place. Poplars, birch and tamarack turn yellow and the entire Highway 61 corridor is lovely. 

Rainfall and temps affect both when the colors occur and how long they last, so it is variable each year. Starting Labor Day, I will provide weekly [or more frequently] fall color reports with suggested tours.

2021 Fall Color Report
Monday, October 18th

Golden Aspen and Birch past peak

Best color right now … roadsides
The birch and aspen are past peak, mostly due to the winds and rains. That said, colors range from dandelion to citrine to school bus to mahogany. See these trees along Highway 61 and adjacent roads. 

What You Will See

Drive-bys are pretty glorious right now. Take time to get out for an amble, walk, hike or allow time to sit at a wayside rest and take it all in. If you are out and about, be sure to look for the bright red berries and mulit-colored leaves of the mountain ash berries. Keep an eye out for mushrooms, too. I am seeing pumpkin, coral, white, honey, and brick-toned fungi from penny- to basketball-sized; all of which are beginning to decay overnight

See Photos from October 17
Scroll to the bottom of the page for a slideshow of photos from the past few days.

recommended tours of the week

drive Highway 61 and stop at the wayside rests
hike Wolf Rock
picnic, bike and hike at Split Rock Lighthouse
Drive from Beaver Bay to Illgen City
Hike Section 13
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late season golden leaves

Keep the sun at your back for the best viewing, (look west  in the morning and east all afternoon). Don’t worry if it is overcast, sometimes the colors look best when they contrast against a grey day. Download a North Shore map. After fall color touring, see something new