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Fall Color Report for the North Shore

The maple trees on the tops of the ridges and the hillsides sloping north and south turn color first. You will these colors from around Beaver Bay northeast to the US-Canada border and inland a few miles from Highway 61. As temps cool closer to the big lake, the second color season takes place. Poplars, birch and tamarack turn yellow and the entire Highway 61 corridor is lovely. 

Rainfall and temps affect both when the colors occur and how long they last, so it is variable each year. Starting Labor Day, I will provide weekly [or more frequently] fall color reports with suggested tours each Thursday.

2020 fall color report
october 20th
ALL blown away report


It’s over Fall colors were especially intense and wondrous this year and the season was was cut short by 10-14 days. Ah, such is Madre Nature.

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Photos from the past week Watch the video, then scroll to the bottom of the page for a slideshow of photos from Oct 18-20.

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video of the week

Tuesday afternoon the sun broke through after wild winds and rain and overcast skies. The video below was taken from the Mount Josephine Wayside Rest near Grand Portage and showcases the Susie Islands and, in the distance, Isle Royale. From Oct 20

recommended tours of the week

 Note all mileage begins at the Aerial Lift Bridge; mileage for tours along the Gunflint Trail begin in Grand Marais at mile marker 110.1.

Tip – keep the sun at your back for the best viewing, so look westward in the morning and to the east all afternoon.


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