REVERENCE: Virtual Presentation & Film Screening

Date: August 7, 2021

Time: 1:00 pm

Event Description

Montreal-based Fumage artist Steven Spazuk and sustainability educator Danielle Delhaes will join us for a virtual presentation and film screening to introduce us to the Reverence series. The Reverence series is a unique collection of works of art based on the traces left by living creatures. Each project in the series focuses on the plight of a living being, plant, or animal at risk in a specific region. They use a community-based artistic and creative process to highlight the threats each organism faces and inspire a deep relationship with nature for the participants. So far, the Reverence series has completed two projects, one with Monarchs in Mexico and one with Swallows in Montreal. They have upcoming projects on polar bears in Northern Quebec and endangered plant species in Ecuador.


presented by the Grand Marais Art Colony

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REVERENCE: Virtual Presentation & Film Screening
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