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A Local’s Recommendations

Wondering which road to take? With so many opportunities on the North Shore, how do you pick? Let me help you! I live here and I’m happy to make my suggestions. For each category [Spring Beauties, Smoked Fish and Such, etc] I include a list of 4+ recommendations for you to choose from. Do one or do them all. I hope this helps you get out and enjoy the North Shore.

To see a moose -> try driving backroads at dawn or dusk, be sure to look in ponds. The Gunflint Trail is and excellent place to spot these gangly, majestic beasts.

The Waterfall Tours
  • Spring Beauties – early season gushers
  • High Falls – the top 3 highest falls plus a bonus
  • Drive Bys & Short Hikes – easy access
  • Big Hike, Big Reward – moderate to more difficult access
  • All Summer Long – more than a trickle
My Suggested Hikes
  • Family Friendly – sights and trails without the cliffs
  • Accessible – paved walkways
  • Terrain & Vistas – all about the wide open panoramic views
  • Short Hikes, All Day – hike a little, see a lot
  • Bring a Picnic Lunch – spend the day and cover some territory
Only on the Shore
  • Breweries & Winery – 2 breweries, a coffee roaster and a winery
  • Smoked Fish & Such – local treats and where to get them
  • Where the Wild Things Are – best chance to see them
  • Aurora Borealis – oh those northern lights
Fall Color Tours
  • Drives – early and late season, paved and backroads
  • Hikes – best hikes for autumn
  • Take Your Breath Away – top 5 fall color must-see
  • All By Myself – the road / trail less travelled

Click on the photos below and start planning your trip!

split rock lighthouse fall colors

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