amity creek waterfalls under walking wood bridge
Falls of the Lester River

With no main water source, Lester River [and all the other Spring Beauties] flows fast and hard during snow melt and spring rains. Visit late-April through late-May.

Take a look-see over the Superior Street bridge at the Lester River Falls or park in the lot on the east side of the river, half a block north, and walk the creek side trail. Looking over the south side of the bridge you are able to see where the Amity Creek [on the west] and the Lester River [on the east] join together.

The Lester River is at Hwy 61 mile marker 5.1 in Duluth. Cross the river on Hwy 61 and drive north on 61st Ave. E. for 1.5 blocks to the parking area.


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