wild blueberries
Wild Berries

How delicious is it that while out ambling nature offers these delectable treats! The most common edible berries in the north woods are strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and high bush cranberries, which ripen in this order. Wild strawberries are tiny, if you find a thimble-sized one, it is a bonus. Look in mid- to late-June at dry edges of woods and in open fields. Blueberries grow in rocky upland forests, especially in areas where forest fires came through a few years prior. Picking begins around the 4th of July and continues through Labor Day and sometimes into September. Raspberries grow in cutover areas, producing juicy red fruit from July into August. If, when raspberry picking, you come across what appears to be a mammoth softer raspberry with less distinct lobes, you’ve discovered thimbleberries, which are also edible, although the flavor is bit more muted. And round your season of berries by heading out in late August into September for high bush cranberries. These bright red berries grow in clusters on bushes overhanging lakeshores and in bogs and swamps.

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