mount jo overlook grand portage
Mount Josephine

Top-of-the-world views can be found at the summit of Mt. Josephine [3 miles difficult!], you will be rewarded with turnaround views of Grand Portage Bay, and Wauswaugoning Bay, the Susie Islands, and Isle Royale National Park. You hike in about 1/2-mile, and you will see a ‘Summit 1 mile’ sign, this is when it starts to get steep; there are a few switchbacks.

And the super easy way to see Mt. Jo is from the pull-offs on Hwy 61 a few miles south of the monument.

From mile marker 144.0 on Hwy 61, turn south on to Townsite Rd for  0.6 miles; turn left on Upper Rd for about .7 miles, past the holding ponds, to a small pull off on the left; the trail starts by heading northeast along an old road

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