Cascade, Two Step and High Falls of Baptism River

Baptism River High Falls is the highest falls entirely within Minnesota at about 70 feet and the trail provides viewing from the base, the crest and a swing bridge across the top of the falls. The 1.5 semi-strenuous uphill climb from the visitor center rewards you with a waterfall every half mile. First, get a glimpse of the Cascade Falls [smallest in the Park], then access to a short spur trail to the attractive Two Step Falls, and culminating in the king daddy High Falls. It’s all downhill on the way back. Another option is from the Superior Hiking Trail spur a mile up Highway 1. This is much flatter and about a mile round trip to the High Falls. Very limited parking however. The Cascade Falls has a 2-mile there-and-back trail from the Visitor Center which includes river views and is easier on the knees.