waterfalls and devils kettle water cauldron where half the river disappears

Lower Falls, Upper Falls & Devil's Kettle of Brule River

mile 124.0

Judge Magney State Park’s claim to fame is the Devil’s Kettle. Rumored to have no bottom this watery cauldron perpetually turns and froths. The hike up treats you to excellent vantage points of the Lower Falls before leading to where the river course splits. About half of the river’s water flow runs over the grand Upper Falls while the other disappears into the Devil’s Kettle. The river rushes in the spring, but to get the best perspective of the Devil’s kettle, plan a summer or autumn visit. Plan on 100+ stairs each way; about 2 ¼ miles total.

May 13 ... Emergency Closure of Lower Falls Trail, due to flooding. The Superior Hiking Trail beyond the Devil's Kettle is flooded - through hiking not recommended at this time, May 13, 2022. Water levels on the Brule River are extremely high - use caution when hiking in river areas and never wade through running flood water.

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