Welcome to the North Shore

This is an amazing place to live and to visit. I hope this website helps you plan, explore and appreciate your visit to this section of Lake Superior coastline called the North Shore. Follow the route of the North Shore Scenic Drive, an All-American Road, from Canal Park in Duluth, along the shore, through the burgs and woodlands, to the international border at Grand Portage with a taste of what to expect in Canada.

The North Shore has been hosting visitors for hundreds of years. From nomadic natives to foreign voyageurs to Scandinavian immigrants to you. It is an area of great and varied natural beauty. Your eyes will be drawn throughout each day to the vast and ever-changing Lake Superior. Serene, calm, indistinguishable from the sky. Raging, crashing, frothing. Banked with fog, covered with ice, bathed in the sun, agates sparkling.

Be sure to include some inland exploring too. The rivers cascading into the lake, the massive chunks of undeveloped woodlands, the ridges [one-time shore of the big lake] and the picturesque inland lakes. Spring waterfalls and wildflowers, summer berries and festivals, stunning fall colors, thick blankets of snow and massive blue ice formations on the shore. Choose your season [no one said you had to pick just one!].

Read and explore on NorthShoreVisitor.com, then come up for a visit!


a note from nina

Whipping winds and our first snow means winter is around the corner and it’s ‘quiet time’ as the locals say. The earlier evenings allow for star gazing before bed every night. This isn’t to say nothing is going on.

The next month hosts a handful of events, demos and live music. Plus it’s Wave Watching season, the very best time of the year to watch Lake Superior in action. Whether you sit in your car at a wayside rest, admire the view from lakeside lodging or wonder if you’ll get blown off your granite ledge, it is mesmerizing. Give yourself several hours. As the lake becomes unruly, ships alter their routes to the safer shipping lanes near shore, affording regular views of 1000-footers. I especially love when I catch a nighttime glimpse, the ship’s lights floating in the darkness.

Looking for a place to stay? The lodging guide is laid out with easy to read descriptions and great photos of properties. Be sure to check out the lodging specials page, too.

I’ll keep in touch,

– Nina

Map of North Shore