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Has it been a while since you’ve been up the North Shore? Welcome back. Businesses are excited to re-open for the summer and happy to have strong, practiced protocols in place to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Covid Updates

We are moving into a post-pandemic world and we all want to get out; this means lodging is booking up and the shore is busier than usual. Make reservations as soon as you can and allow for a little extra wait time once you’re up here – restaurants, shops, attractions are not fully staffed and are working hard to offer you their goods and services.

Tips for a better trip:

Restaurants pages now have a ‘near me’ map feature and you can sort by type
Shop pages can also be sorted [think grocery stores on the shore, gift shops near me, etc]
Maps page gives an overview of road construction

One of the unexpected outcomes of the pandemic is more and more people are enjoying being outside, which is what the North Shore is all about. If you’re new to the outdoors, I highly recommend visiting state parks. They are an excellent gateway to exploring Lake superior, rivers, waterfalls and the surrounding forests.

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Here are some wonderful places to stay . . .

a note from nina


May left like the abominable snowman with sub-freezing temps in the wee hours of Memorial Day weekend. June arrived warm and graceful, whew!

It’s been a spring wildlife bonanza up here with fox, coyote, wolf, moose, bear, and fawn sightings. Fishermen are taking walleye and northern inland while the first lake trout and [commercially] herring are being caught on the big lake. Next up, I am expecting to see eaglets, loon chicks, and ducklings. with warm temps in early June come black flies and ticks, so dress accordingly and choose a tick-repellant bug spray.

As always, be flexible, don’t litter, and remember you don’t have to hurry to slow down,

– Nina

Map of North Shore