Whale Sightings

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Each year we report the movements of the whales on Lake Superior. The reports are sightings sent by residents and visitors along the North Shore of Lake Superior. If you spot whale activity, let us know by filling out the form on the right! We accept photos, too!

Check out this whale action from April 1, 2018:

Click the thumbnail to see a larger image.

No way!

Whales aren’t real.

Nina Notes: Of course they are!

I saw a whale

I saw a whale in Lake Superior, it came out of the water when I was standing on my patio.

– Walter

Nina Notes: Nice!


Yes, a whale is what I saw!!

– Bob

Nina Notes: Bob writes from near Beaver Bay; looks like spring might be here!

Photographic Proof

Nina Notes: Stunning shot Ellie!


There was a whale in a Lake Superior. I couldn’t believe it. The first thing I saw was the spout of water , then sure enough, up came the back, and finally the tail. It was awesome! I was at the Silver Bay Marina. Check it out if you’re there.

– John

Hmmm, whales in Lake Superior?


– Will

Nina Notes: Yep!


It was cool

– Bob

Nina Notes: I think so, too.

Free Willy

While honey-mooning in Grand Marais with my husband (Zachary) we came upon an unhealthy sight. There were whales in the lake! I don’t know how on earth they got there, but I think they should be freed. This is not a good environment for their well being. Set the Willy’s free.

– Nancy

Angry Trout

While enjoying our trout lunch one of the wait staff pointed to a large splash! Wow. She told us about www.freshwaterwhales.com


– Jon

Excellent Sighting In Two Harbors!!!

Look what I saw August 25th!

Nina Notes: Absolutely outstanding!!

Just off Park Point!

Just after our picnic, we went down to Park Point beach to build sand castles and enjoy a rare warm Duluth day! I posed with the kids for a photo and my wife got an amazing shot!

– Jim

Nina Notes: Perfect Summer Day!

Rock of Ages- Orcas feeding

The warm August waters drive Killer Whales to greater depths. We spotted a pack on the Rock of Ages reef. Thanks to Grand Portage Charters for the whale watching tour!

– Clay

Nina Notes: Sounds like a great charter!

Iowans Spot Minnesota Killer Whale

We had a special photo bomber while scaling the rocks of Thomsonite Beach.

– Allie

Nina Notes: Sweet!

Orca in Grand Marais!!

My wife and I spent our 10th Anniversary in the Grand Marais area this past weekend. The sites and town were beautiful! We had heard of whale sightings in the area, so we decided to spend an evening eating pizza and custard on the roof of Sydney’s and spotted this beauty (and were fortunate enough to get a pic)! We were expecting humpbacks or narwhales, but definitely not an orca! What a wonderful surprise!!

– Matt

Nina Notes: Love this shot! And Happy Anniversary!

In Duluth

Next to the Aerial Lift Bridge!

Nina Notes: I've had verbal confirmation, too. The whales are on the move!