devils kettle brule river
Devil’s Kettle and Falls of the Brule River

With a Lower and Upper Falls, the Brule’s most famous feature is the Devil’s Kettle. A mile and a half inland are the Lower Falls, and you can hike right to the water and feel the spray. Continue on a third of a mile to where the river splits, creating the Devil’s Kettle and Upper Falls [pictured at right, Devil’s Kettle is on left, Upper Falls on right]. About half of the river’s water flow runs over the Upper Falls while the other half enters a cauldron, the Devil’s Kettle, and disappears. It is presumed that some of the water goes into an underground waterway and some reappears in a pool in the lower river reaches, but the point of re-entry remains unknown.

A spring hike treats you to pounding thunderous falls, but it is hard to discern the Devil’s Kettle under all the water. A summer hike makes that easier. This round trip hike is 2-2.25 miles with spurs, the difficulty lies in the 200 stairs that you need to descend and then climb back up. Plan accordingly.

Devil’s Kettle is located within the Judge C.R. Magney State Park at Hwy 61 mile marker 123.8

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Devil’s Kettle Trail will be CLOSED Mondays-Thursdays June 1 through July from about 9am-6pm. This includes the through hiking section of the Superior Hiking Trail.

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