inland tettegouche fall colors
Mic Mac, Nipisquit and the Old Tettegouche Camp

Hike through the woods, along inland lakes and over the highest falls entirely within Minnesota. Park on the Lax Lake Road [parallels Hwy 61 to the north] and follow the service road through the forest to the Old Tettegouche Camp, four cabins and lodge built in the early 1900s, sitting on the shores of Mic Mac Lake. View Tettegouche lake from a quick spur trail, and then along the edge of Nipisquit Lake before returning through the woods to the parking area, circling the lakes for great valley views, or continuing east crossing over the High Falls of the Baptism River just before the end of the hike. In the autumn, consider the ‘circling the lakes’ option as the valley is filled with colorful maples!

At mile marker 54.0, turn north on Outer Drive, go 1.1 miles where the road becomes Penn Blvd/Co Rd 11. Continue on and Cor Rd 11 also becomes Lax Lake Rd. However after 4.4 miles [5.5 miles from Hwy 61] make a right on the Lax lake Rd and drive 3.4 miles to the parking area.

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