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north shore snow conditions and trail report

From Thanksgiving until Easter [or later] you can find weekly snow conditions and trail reports. Find out about recent snowfall, trail conditions and suggestions for where to ski, snowshoe, snowmobile plus links to the weather and forecasts. Snow varies from less near Lake Superior, where the big lake keeps temps slightly milder to more as climb the ridgeline to most when you go over the ridge.

How Long is Winter?

Snowfall begins in October, coming and going and usually beginning to stick late in November. Lutsen Mountains typically is open Thanksgiving weekend with a few runs and cross country skiers get their first runs in on the Onion River Road in Lutsen and along the Central Trail system up the Gunflint.

winter 2021/22 season

fresh snow december 21 on north shore
A great week out in the snow

Tuesday midday, January 18th

We have heavy snow falling, 5″ so far this morning! This is the third snowfall in a week. We expect groomers to be out tonight and tomorrow night. Expect trails to be regroomed and in great conditions by Thursday. Expect trail reports to be updated as trails are groomed on Thursday!

All trails are open.
mile 0.0

– Last Update:

January 13
4-8″ packed trail base

Parts of the trail will be groomed Thursday and Sunday night. The entire trail will be groomed Friday and Saturday night.

Good conditions along the trail.

Snow depths in the woods: 13-32″


mile 27.8
two harbors snowmobile trail

Two Harbors Voyageur Snowmobile Trails


– Last Update:

January 12

Corridor Trails from Two Harbors to the State Trail continue to be groomed and are in very good condition.  All of the trails we are responsible for have been groomed and reported in good to very good condition.  If you plan to come up for a ride, trail condition and traffic are much better mid-week.

Please remember that trail conditions are not the same on Sunday and Monday as they are on Thursday and Friday.

mile 39.5

– Last Update:

January 11
4-10″ Trail Base

Groomers were out and reconditioned the trails. Heavy winds left some minor drifting in spots along with small debris. Overall the trails are in very good condition. Trails have a firm yet soft base. Temps have warmed but still below freezing making for the best ski conditions of the year.The snowmobile trail has not been groomed but has 8-10 inches of snow. The Gooseberry to the CJR North Shore tails is narrow, ride with caution.

You can snowshoe anywhere in the park except on groomed ski and snowmobile trails.

mile 46.0

– Last Update:

January 13
12-14″ local snow depth

The trails were groomed with a single track set on 1-13-22. Trails are in excellent condition. The snow looks beautiful on the trees throughout the park. It’s a perfect time to snowshoe & cross-country ski while enjoying the park. Ice cleats and traction devices are recommended.

mile 54.9

– Last Update:

January 13
6-10″ Trail Base

Thanks for your patience on our grooming…the trail base is being built and more snow is needed.

Our club would like to thank all the volunteer groomer operators, club members and businesses that support of grooming activites. State trail grooming is done as requested by the DNR, usually on Saturday nights.

mile 58.5

– Last Update:

January 13
4″ trail base

Tettegouche Camp has 24 inches of snow. The following trails have been tracked and groomed at Tettegouche; The Main Ski Loop, The Cart-In Loop, The Connector Trail, and Camp Road heading into the Rustic Cabins. Mt. Baldy has been groomed! The Valley is starting to be packed down, but there are areas of open/standing water. The Valley will need more snow before it will be ready. The snowmobile trails are in excellent condition.

Snowshoe anywhere in the park except groomed ski and snowmobile trails!

mile 58.9
cross country ski trails near silver bay

Flathorn Gegoka Ski & Fat Bike Trails


– Last Update:

January 9
12″ Trail Base

-9 degree 9k ski today on fresh tracked trails for 80% of the way, the other trails had the new 1″ cover over them with some windblown areas covering up the tracks set last week. Cold slow snow but fantastic outdoor experience in the Superior National Forest today.

mile 80.4
snow covered pines and temperance river under footbridge

Temperance River State Park Trails


– Last Update:

January 13
4″ Trail Base

Temperance has 16 inches of snow inland. Temperance does offer snow shoe opportunities, and back country skiing on the Cross River trails.

The trails are not groomed but provide opportunities for back country skiing and snowshoeing.

mile 82.5

– Last Update:

January 13
6-8″ packed base

Snowfall Last 24 Hours: 1″
Snowfall Last 7 Days: 5″
Total Snowfall for the season: 62″
Average Snow depth (off trail in the woods): 18-24″

Trails are in good shape. We received about 1″ of new snow last night, so Darren went out and groomed the skate lanes. Classic tracks are solid and also in good shape.

Sugarbush board of directors decided this week to organize the candlelight ski and snowshoe hike again this year. It was been cancelled the past two years due to Covid. It will be held on Saturday, February 19, 2022 from 6-8pm at Oberg Mountain trailhead. 2k of ski trail and 1/2 mile of hiking trail will be lit with candle luminaires for your outdoor enjoyment.

Make sure that you purchase a MN Ski Pass, which is required to ski on the Sugarbush trails. The pass is available for purchase at Sawtooth Outfitters and Holiday Station Store in Tofte. You can also purchase the pass online

Snowshoe on the Superior Hiking Trail from Oberg to Carlton Peak

mile 90.5

– Last Update:

January 14
20-36″ Machine Groomed

Open daily with 3 mountains, 6 lifts and 59 runs open and new slopes opening daily as grooming allow.
Since we plan to ski into May, our base is fortified to withstand 2 weeks of 60+ degrees. In the context of this forecast, our guarantee of 40 runs open through April 11 is an easy task.

Snow past 24 hours: 0″
Snow past 7 days:  7″
Snow for season: 72″

mile 92.7
snow covered snowmobile trail and pine trees with Lake Superior in the distance

Lutsen / Tofte Snowmobile Trails


– Last Update:

January 7
10-20″ Trail Base

Snowfall last 7 days: 6-10″
Snow depth in the woods: 45”

We have groomed 95% of the Lutsen trails this week. There is 5-10” of powder over the fresh groom on the Fox,Eagle, Lower Caribou and Mountain access trails. Note of Caution, a small section of the Beaver trail know as the ridge, “Has Not been Groomed” This section of trail will require our Groomer to have a new winch. It’s on the way! As soon as it is installed we will attempt to groom this aggressive section of trail. I recommend only highly skilled riders attempt this ride. Enjoy the great conditions everywhere else. As always, ride with care and Tread Lightly!

mile 99.6

– Last Update:

January 9
8-20″ Base
Snowfall Last 7 Days: 14-21″
Total Snowfall for the season: 40-59″
Watch for open ground/wet Areas
Cross-country skiing

East End trails rolled and groomed Sunday 1/9/2022. Single set of classic tracks throughout East End trails with the exception of Short Loop (part of Deeryard system). Short Loop has been rolled but tracks were not set. Excellent conditions throughout East End trails as of Sunday 1/9.

Fat Tire Bike
West End trails rolled and groomed Saturday, 1/8/2022. Very good conditions throughout.
Any time the temperature is above 30 degrees consider the trail closed.
Bikers must NOT go through the “Scientific Natural Area”, (SNA) which is well marked on the trail and in our West end map.
mile 99.8

– Last Update:

January 5
2-6″ partially groomed

We received an additional 6″ of snow on 1/4. The trails have been groomed and tracks have been set. The snow packed trails along the waterfalls are open – ice cleats or other foot-traction devices recommended. Down trees remain on the cruiser trail from County Road 45 into the park – – backcountry gear is recommended until this trail can be packed and groomed with a track-set.

mile 109.2

– Last Update:

January 13
6-15″ packed base
New Snow: 1 in
All trails except Pincushion Loop groomed, skate decks widened. Grooming will continue tomorrow to get all trails ready for a busy weekend. Snow is perfect right now.
mile 109.3

– Last Update:

January 9
6-10″ Trail Base

New snow past week: 16″
Average snow depth [off trail]: 20-30″

Midtrail got a nice grooming last night after that snowfall… down the G, to the lullaby, up the X and some spurs. 2022 winter has been treating us well.
** Take note: Most small and medium lakes should be safe, but the big lakes – Gunflint, Loon, Saganaga are NOT SAFE. Be careful.
gunflint mile 6.5
cross country ski trail at george washington pines

George Washington Pines Ski & Snowshoe Trail


– Last Update:

January 13

Trails are sporadically rolled and packed and are open to skiers and snowshoers.

We have enough snow to get out and have fun!

gunflint mile 25.0

– Last Update:

January 13
5-6″ trail base

New Snow Last 7 days:  5.25”
Groomed with classic track:  64 km
Groomed with skate lane:   70 km
Surface Conditions:  Freshly groomed snow
Last grooming day:  January 13
Total season snowfall:  51.75″
Snow in Woods: 11-14″

We received about an inch of snow between yesterday morning and last night. Trails were groomed again this morning and are in great shape! We have now surpassed last season’s year-end snow total. Mild temps in the teens (except Friday) are expected in the upcoming days which will make for some fantastic MLK weekend skiing!

Grooming frequently occurs between the release of new trail reports. Expect trail grooming after every significant snowfall. For the most up to date grooming information, as well specific trail conditions, please contact Golden Eagle Lodge (218-388-2203) or Bearskin Lodge (218-388-2292). Central Gunflint Ski Pass Required.

gunflint mile 28.0

– Last Update:

Jan 12
12-15″ Trail base

This morning we finished grooming all 41 km of the entire Banadad Trail System

Conditions are great and we have 17 inches of snow in the woods with 12 – 15 inch base on the Trail. We have had 2 inches of new snow. Come join us!!

17″ of snow in the woods.

6″ of snow just before we tracked.

gunflint mile 41.6

– Last Update:

January 13
5-7″ Trail Base

Snowfall total: 46.9″
Recent snow: 2″
In the woods: 14.5-17.5″

Conditions for skiing this next week will be beautiful! Warm weather and sunny skies are in the forecast for the next several days! Plans to get out and groom in the next day or so are in the schedule.  We did receive a couple of inches of light snow the other day, so the groomed trails have some fluff and the tracks are a little filled, but still easy to ski in.  Once the groomer is back in the barn, we will update just the trail conditions.

mile 143.9
close up of two snowmobilers coming down a trail in grand portage

Grand Portage Snowmobile Trails


– Last Update:

January 9
6-8″ Trail Base

All trails have been groomed from Jan 7th – 9th
Fair to Good conditions on all trails

Watch out for open water on North Lake Trail

***Section 11 Trail is closed, use caution***

mile 150.8

– Last Update:

January 12
18″ Snow

We currently have about 16 to 18 inches of snow on the ground in the park. Grand Portage State Park does not have any snowmobile or ski trails. Visitors are welcome to snowshoe anywhere in the park. The paved portion of the High Falls Trail is maintained as a winter walking trail. As such, snow is cleared from the paved portion of the trail typically within 24 hours of a snow event. The Picnic Trail is a wide, flat and easy trail with multiple views of the Pigeon River. The Middle Falls Trail has steep, rugged terrain and should only be attempted by advanced snowshoers.

sparkling wintry lake superior and ice sheets stacked on north shore

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